Angus got a super birthday party from his parents.

Angus swapped Fall Guy for FIFA and Minecraft

What makes a team of 8-year-olds tick? When their favourite console games come to the house! That's exactly what happened on Angus' birthday!

It was windy but sunny day in Leek when Angus celebrated his 8th birthday with friends. His parents had an exciting surprise for the little boy, as John and Jocelyn had ordered the Station Wagon for the big event. The only thing bigger than the children's excitement and joy was when we pulled up in front of the house in the truck. All the children jumped for joy when the back door opened and they saw the interior with its consoles. Although Angus's favorite is Fall Guy, the party eventually turned into a FIFA and Minecraft party. And it turned into a huge party.

A gaming party bus experience is a great alternative for everyone. We listed the reasons earlier why you should hold your kid's birthday party in the Station Wagon. Choose your favorite game, and book an appointment now.  


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