Gaming Parties

Gaming Parties

Want to host the best kids party ever? Look no further!

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Whilst every parent wants to put on the best possible party for their precious little darling, the challenge often turns out to be a fairly stressful activity. Not to mention the fact that by the time summer birthdays roll around often all the party ideas have been used, and used several times over by classmates! But have no fear, The Station Wagon has you covered. The Station Wagon offers your pick of gaming parties, all conveniently located on a birthday party bus! Yes, we can hear your sighs of relief already at the prospect of not having to clean up after a dozen mucky pups!

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Kids Birthday Party Ideas Made Simple:

The idea is simple, we take between 8-10 of your children off your hands for a few hours to the exciting escape that is The Station Wagon, an exclusive birthday party bus which meets all your gaming needs. We are kitted out with PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo and on 4K high-definition Samsung screens meaning that your kids will have the best possible gaming experience. We also offer a variety of games including Fortnite and Minecraft, Fifa (which we know is the most important deciding factor ;) )

The best part? This all takes place on your driveway, so there is no need to travel or the hassle of lugging a cake and presents from one venue to another. Also, your party is no longer depending on the weather due to the weatherproof sanctuary that the birthday party bus provides! Having your children’s mere metres from your house alleviates any stress or worry, and more importantly, means you can put your feet up for a few hours!

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Make The Day Special With A Birthday Party Bus:

Make your child’s birthday one to remember this year with our Fortnite party bus, a guaranteed hit with all! We cover it all, from downloadable invitations to an expert gaming host to sustain your little ones during their gaming. The bus even has its own internet and Wi-Fi connection to ensure that slow internet connection doesn’t hold you back. We can’t think of any better way to spend your child’s birthday than in a birthday party bus kitted out with everything they could possibly want. And to top it all off… you don’t have to worry about anyone else having thought of such a cool and unique idea.

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Gaming Party Bus Near Me:

So, if this sounds like what you’ve been searching for and you’re eager to hire a kid’s party bus in Manchester then look no further! We cover a 30-mile radius of Altrincham and can be booked for a variety of time lengths. All party is including a expert gaming host.

Which Events/Locations Does Your Gaming Party Bus Cover?

Gaming is not just for your kids! We hold parties for the BIG “kids” as well! Here are some ideas of the events that we do: family meetings, corporate events, team building activities, weddings. Let’s say that you have a competitive sports or sales team that you would like to bring together. A gaming bus hire is a great idea to take an hour off your time without having to travel to remote locations.

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