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Fortnite Party

Has Your Child Asked for a Fortnite Party?

If you are a parent, you might be constantly thinking about ways to keep your children safe and happy. If you have to invite all their friends to their birthday, you have two options. Either you will need to hire a venue or book a table and go with them, or put up with kids being kids in your freshly decorated home. Wait a minute… you have a third option, too. You can hire our gaming bus for a Fortnite party. It is one of the most popular options these days, too.

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How to Arrange a Fortnite Birthday Party

It is important that you don’t just arrange a party you think will work for your child. It will have to be the right party. From transport to invitation and bookings, there are loads of things to do when you are arranging a Fortnite gaming event. You will not have to think about the entertainment, and the different locations, transport. The Station Wagon will provide you with printable invitation cards after you have booked the party, also a gaming host and we will set everything up ahead of the party time

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How Our Fortnite Party Bus Is Different

Fortnite is a free game, and most kids aged 7-13 play it at home. We have the option to play a multiplayer or single player option of the game. At the same time, we have PS4 consoles which are popular among young and old. At the same time, you can choose to play on our Xbox or Nintendo console, if you feel like.

Moreover, we regularly update our games and consoles. We have Battle Pass installed. We always do our best to get you the best skins, challenges, missions, and characters to make your gaming experience even better.

All the players sit on one side of the bus (long bench), so nobody is facing the opposite direction.

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Book a Birthday Experience for your PS4 Lover Child

If your child loves their PlayStation, they don’t want to switch consoles for a Fortnite party. We will offer them the option to play different games and use the latest consoles and versions of the game. Most gaming buses have Xbox consoles, or Nintendo Switch, while we focus on the PlayStation experience linked to eight 42’ Samsung, 4K screens. We don’t let down kids who doesn’t play on PlayStation. We have now Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles ready to go.

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Invite Your Child’s Friends to a Fortnite Birthday Party

Are you ready to book a surprise party for your child? Why not book a date and time for us to turn up and get them to turn up at your house? We will provide the invitation cards, the games, the upgrades, and a gaming host.

You can rest assured that while the guests are in the bus you don’t have to supervise them, so you might as well catch up with your TV series or socialise with other parents.

Would you like to make your child’s party different this year? Get in touch to book our gaming bus in the 30-mile radius of Manchester and let’s arrange a Fortnite party they will never forget.

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