At The Station Wagon, we have various PS4 and Xbox games to choose from. Our multiplayer or solo games can be played on PS4 or Xbox consoles. No matter which game you choose, you will always get the best resolution and technology, and slow internet access will never let you down.

Arrange a video gaming party playing with your friends or family members:

The multiplayer game of Fortnite is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. There are new seasons coming out regularly, and our consoles are always updated, so you never miss an experience. It is free to play, and can teach your kids to develop survival skills. It is like Hunger Games moved onto the gaming screen, only less violent. Simply put: Fortnite is a survivor/shooting game where you need the technical skills to survive on the island. Best played with your friends. Let us bring to you the best party ever. Book your Fortnite gaming van today.
FIFA 20 is great for football fans, young or old. A major improvement from FIFA19 is the speed of the defender; now you can really get to play and rely on your quick reactions, just like you would need to on the football pitch. The developers have really worked on the player animations, and you will certainly feel like you are on the pitch with the rest of the team. You can choose the environment and your players, and the variety of the game is the greatest advantage. FIFA 20 is popular among all small and big kids who can really get drawn into a football game. Let’s play FIFA 20 on our gaming party bus. Book now.
Apex Legends
If you are an adventure lover, you will absolutely love Apex Legends. Choose from multiple colourful characters with great personalities. You can have up to 60 players in one game, and 3 player squads. It is also free to play, which is a bonus. The environment of the Apex Legends is entertaining, too.

The game uses Battle Royale themes, however, it also has Titanfall mechanisms. You can choose your characters to have unique characters and abilities in the game. The best Apex Legends character is Gibraltar for new players. This game is also amazing for developing team working skills, and communication with the team is much simpler than in other Battle Royale games.

Those who are into construction gameplays, Minecraft is a must-to-master party game. The 3D environment makes the game even more engaging, and it is fantastic for players young and old. As of May 2020, there were over 200 million copies of Minecraft sold for players. It is in fact the best -selling video game. 

The landscape of the game is made up of Blocks, and you can collect them, break them, and arrange them in different shapes and formats. A block is about 16*16 pixels, which corresponds to one m3. 

The game has various game modes: 

  • Survival
  • Creative
  • Hardcore
  • Adventure
  • Spectator
  • Demo


Minecraft is available on various platforms, including PS4, XBox, Microsoft Mobile, Android, and Mac OS.

Rocket League

This game is available on multiple platforms, and has just been released on Nintendo Switch, too. It is an original PlayStation 4 game, and was released to XBox One before Nintendo. 

Rocket League has four different game modes, and it offers private matches offline, and online. In our gaming party bus, you can enjoy fast speed WiFi, so feel free to challenge your teammates or friends for an online game. The standard game mode s Soccar, followed by Snow Day, which is played using a Pluck. Of course, if you are adventurous, you can also try Hoops (instead of goals you have hoops) and Rumble, available in all maps. 

Star Wars Battlefront II

If you have only heard about the favourite hero of all players, you will need to try the game yourself. At the Station Wagon gaming bus, we have the latest, upgraded version of Star Wars Battlefront II, so you can resonate with different heroes in the story: Kylo Ren, Rey, who is the latest student of Luke Skywalker, and  - of course - Yoda. 

In case you are an old fashioned player, you will also find your original characters and heroes, such as Luke, Boba Fett, and Greedo. 

The unique elite force of the Star Wars Battlefront II is a special Inferno Squad, consisting of the best people, including Iden Versio and Seyn Marana. 

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo Sport

This epic racing game is available in one and two playing modes: Sport Mode and Arcade Mode. The main difference between the Gran Turismo sport and the Gran Turismo 5 and 6 is that there is no dynamic weather system or day and night settings. However, what you get with this racing game is the 327 cars and dozens of configurations. On top of that, you will get over 30 locations to choose from. 

If you are in the competitive mode, you can also take part in online championships, certified by FIA. There are various car categories to race in, including Super GT, rally cars, and GT4 race cars. 

Lego Ninjago

It is kind of expected that when a new Lego movie comes out, there will be a new PS4 game released. Based on the latest LEGO movie, the game has various playsets (Waves). First of all, you start with the Way of the Ninja, then you can immerse yourself in more adventure, such as Day of the Departed. 

Mini movies have been created from the game, and it is popular among kids who love everything Ninja. The main characters are Lloyd, Kai, Chloe, Jay, Zane, and - of course, Wu, who is the teacher and master of all ninjas. Look out for the release of the Spinjitzu Burst during the summer of 2020, along with Wave 18. 

Lego Marvel Avengers

No matter if you would like to play LEGO Marvel Avengers on Playstation 4 or XBox, our gaming party bus can accommodate your. The puzzle-based video game is combined with fighting and action. There are various interesting scenes, such as New York City, Washington DC, and you can even venture to South Africa or Malibu if you choose to. 

The main plot is based in the imaginary Esatern European country, Sokovia, where the Avengers are on the hunt for the old scepter of Loki. Of course, there are plenty of great battles, such as the one with the Chitauri army and the rebellion against Ultron and the capture of Romanoff.

Lego Star Wars:

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens  

A great LEGO theme game incorporating Star Wars elements in the different episodes. Various games have been released in the past few years, starting with The Video Game, Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy, released in 2006, and the latest one available on our UK gaming van: The Force Awakens. It is expected that Lego Star WArs will release a new game in 2020; The Skywalker Saga, and it will be available on XBox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch, as well as Microsoft Windows. 

The main characters of the Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens are Kylo Ren, Rey, Admiral Ackbar, and -of course- Yoda, which is a hidden (Ghost) character in the Battle of Endor.  

Lego Batman 4

Batman protects Gotham City in the Lego Universe in this episode of the Lego Batman game. Joker is planning on destroying the city, and Batman (Bruce Wayne) needs to stop him. The Lego Batman 4 game is all about supervillains. All games are played in the DC Universe, and you will have to fight against the evil creatures of the Dark Multiverse. 

The Battle for Justice game has some exciting levels. Level One is the Watchover Distress, featuring Faora and Batman, as well as the Martian Manhunter. Level 2 is the Phantom Battle, introducing Superman and the Kryptonian Insurgents. 

One of the most interesting episodes of the Lego Batman 4 game is Central City Hold-Up where you meet Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang, as well as Batman and Flash. 

We offer Minecraft parties, FIFA League parties, and Fortnite parties for groups of up to 12 people in any location in the Manchester area. Whether you are looking to create an unforgettable multiplayer gaming party for a team or your guests, our gaming party bus Manchester service is the right option.

Why Choose The Station Wagon Gaming Party Bus Games?

  • You don’t have to host people in your living room if you don’t want to
  • High resolution 4K screens to help you enjoy your games more
  • Updated games and consoles
  • You don’t have to buy all the games for the party (could cost £100s)
  • We take care of the technology; you just enjoy the game in our PlayStation party bus

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