What are the benefits of gaming?

What are the benefits of gaming?

Every day, articles are published that try to prove the harmful effects of video games on the human brain, the development of children, and the extent of violence. There is a lot of research on this topic these days, from which we are constantly learning more and more information about the influence of computer games. One might rightly think that these researches have negative results in most cases, but many forget that these negative results are picked up by the popular press much more than those that try to prove that gaming can be the school of the child of the future.

What does research say?

Of course, the statement mentioned in the introduction is rather utopian thinking, since decades ago, the average person would have had a hard time imagining that high-quality education is also possible with video games. IIn addition to the popular tension-relieving shooting games, which many consider too violent, there are plenty of games available in the video game market that are designed to teach and develop certain skills. Although these addresses often avoid the spotlight, they still are on the virtual shelves of most online stores.

Of course, all parents already know the harmful effects of gaming. But, did you know, for example, that shooting games can increase the speed of brain processes related to thinking and perceiving, while logic games tend to improve accuracy? The suggestion was substantiated by research by Rolf Nelson, a professor at Wheaton College that looked at which brain processes are affected by games based on different mechanisms. The experiment examined twenty students who had to play a logic or action game for one hour after a spatial orientation task and then repeat the first task at the end of the playing time. The research showed the following result: “Games that require rapid mobilization of visual attention and motor functions improve speed versus accuracy, while slower, more thoughtful ones do just the opposite. Different games require different abilities, and the difference in their impact can be measured in the short term.

Gaming can develop important skills

Advanced educators want to use this mechanism of action in education as well, because in addition to the ability of video games to stimulate the reward centre of the brain, thereby sustaining interest for a longer period of time. can be overcome with practice.

In addition, a number of studies also support that different action games improve the ability to concentrate as well as short-term memory, so that players may be better able to focus and share their attention during their work and be able to switch between different tasks more easily.

Controlling a virtual character in a virtual space can have a similarly positive effect on a player’s abilities. While after many years of experience, it may seem a piece of cake, moving with a keyboard, mouse, or even a controller is an extremely complex task that can only be accomplished by using all the features accurately. Involving physicians, a 2007 study examined the effect of gaming on tiny hand and finger movements (fine motoric movements), in which surgeons’ performance was compared. The result found that doctors and residents who spent more than three hours a week playing video games made 37 percent fewer mistakes during their surgeries and were also 27 percent faster than their non-playing counterparts.

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