We invite you to a gaming bus Christmas party!

We invite you to a gaming bus Christmas party!

Christmas is closer than it seems and for gamers, celebrating cannot go without a good gaming session with their best mates. It’s the time to reconnect with others, spend some quality time together, and having a little competition in a playful environment that has never harmed anyone. So far we have proposed several occasions to rent the gaming bus, birthdays, weddings, corporate events, so why should we leave Christmas out?

Children today grow up with modern devices, computers and smartphones are the most natural things. This makes it difficult to keep children away from them. But why should you? Let's make the most of the opportunities they can offer. There's no need to ban them, as it's a good way to introduce your child to modern technology.

Gaming is a form of quality time

Most parents of children who like gaming have surely hollered to their kids to stop sitting in front of a screen and be with their friends in the real world. From the outside, it can be seen that children are isolated sitting alone playing games for hours. However, gaming encourages them to have a different form of communication, often a very detailed and specific one. Although a great part of it consists of yelling at each other for not performing well, it also engages them in building a strategy and agreeing on it, watching out for their squad, and often they talk about other things than the game itself. Just like we, grown-ups used to spend hours playing board games or sports, they do the exact same thing in a digital world.

The positive effects of video games

Many people criticise video games for back and neck sprains, muscle atrophy, weight gain and eye damage, but even less people realise how many positive effects these games can have. That is, of course, if the right game is played in the right setting. One of the best effects is that it helps children to learn languages. Most of the games are in English, so children can easily learn the language while enjoying their favourite pastime. Not only will learning be fun, but creativity will also be developed. They also develop spatial and visual skills, but also help to relieve stress. There are also games that are specifically designed to develop self-awareness, which will help children to improve their self-esteem. They learn to work in teams, to help each other and to appreciate each other.

Most importantly, thanks to video games, you can spend much more time with your child, as they can be a great family activity.

As the Raise smart kid wrote, “Video games change your brain,” according to University of Wisconsin psychologist C. Shawn Green. Playing video games change the brain’s physical structure the same way as do learning to read, playing the piano, or navigating using a map. Much like exercise can build muscle, the powerful combination of concentration and rewarding surges of neurotransmitters like dopamine strengthen neural circuits that can build the brain.

Gaming bus Christmas party

As Christmas approaches, in addition to getting gifts, many people wonder when and how to spend the holiday of love with their friends. While most people think of big feasts, Christmas music, and a lot of laughter, a real gamer would still prefer to play a round of FIFA or Call of Duty with their friends. You can make Christmas really special for the kids with the gaming bus. The coolest games arrive right on your doorstep, and you don't have to listen to the kids shouting in the house - the bus is a real modern environment for them to play with their favourite games. And the play leader will make sure everyone is safe and happy. After all, there's no room for fighting, just fun.

The gaming bus gives them the opportunity to be together online and in the real world, play together under the supervision of an adult, and overall, have a good time with those they love the most. Rings a bell of the spirit of Christmas?

If you want to surprise your friends or children with an hour or two of the Manchester gaming bus experience for Christmas, you can easily do so on our booking page.



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