The big gun of gaming is coming to PSVR 2!

The big gun of gaming is coming to PSVR 2!

Sony is getting ready to the CES 2022 conference in Las Vegas with some big announcements confirmed in an official post by Hideaki Nishino, Sony's Vice President of PlayStation.

„I'm very excited to start the new year with news about our next-generation VR system for PS5, starting with the official name PlayStation VR2 and our new VR controller, the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller," wrote Hideaki Nishino, vice president of Sony's PlayStation division,in a post on 4 January.

PlayStation VR2 delivers a true next-gen experience with realistic visuals, new sensory features and enhanced tracking - even with the simplified single-sensor setup. We still don't know much about the release date, although some expect to see the products in the stores in the end of the year.

  • For a high-fidelity visual experience, PS VR2 will offer 4K HDR, 110-degree field of view and foveated rendering. With OLED display, gamers can expect a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye and a smooth frame rate of 90/120 Hz.
  • With inside-out tracking, PS VR2 tracks head and eye movements using integrated cameras built into the VR headset for more accurate detection. PS VR2 Sense technology combines eye tracking, headset feedback, 3D sound and the innovative PS VR2 Sense controller for an incredibly realistic experience. These features all amplify the sensations of the player's in-game actions, such as when a character's heart rate rises during tense moments or when an object whizzes past their heads and the thrust of a vehicle as the character speeds forward. In addition, PS5 Tempest 3D AudioTech enhances the experience with the sound of reality.
  • Eye-tracking makes the game more intuitive, as emotional reactions are more perceptible, which can even help players to communicate.
  • The set-up process for PS VR2 will also be simple - with a single cable connected directly to the PS5, you can dive straight into the VR experience.

PlayStation VR2 and PlayStation VR2 Sence controllers specificationshere.

At CES, Sony announced the most important things about PSVR 2.

The real bang for the buck was left until the end, when it was revealed that Horizon Call of the Mountain was coming, a spinoff episode of Horizon Zero Dawn coming exclusively to PSVR 2. There's no word yet on when Horizon: Call of the Mountain will be released, but at least it's been revealed that it's being worked on by Firesprite alongside the Guerrilla team.

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