Our story - Q&A about the gaming van

Our story - Q&A about the gaming van

From the very beginning we have received quite a lot of questions from our clients about the gaming van and we thought it would be great to answer the most common questions we had so far. So here are the answers given by the great mind behind the gaming van.

When and how did you get the idea to start the company?

We have been working on this project since 2018. Even as a kid I loved playing on consoles, and at the same time I also have an entrepreneurial mindset. I wanted to combine these two, that is how I came up with the idea. I spent quite a bit of time observing my possibilities and at the end I decided to start with the current business model.

Why a gaming van?

Because the gaming van has everything that I like spending my time with. I enjoy driving, I am a very social person, I like talking to people and making them happy. Of course, the fact that I enjoy gaming so much was key in launching the business.

How many bookings did you have so far? What are the most common ones?

Usually my weekends are completely booked, I work all day. I have organised over 100 events, parties.

Was there any outstanding booking that surprised even you?

Every party is different so it is hard to find even one that was outstanding. What I could highlight is the families I met along the way. While children are occupied with the games I like talking to their parents, but of course children are my priority. I would rather say I met a lot of people with very interesting occupations and some people tell me really interesting stories. I have already met famous football players, plane and helicopter pilots who acted in several films and so on. They all differ a lot, that is something I like in my business.

What do you base your choice of games on?

Firstly I pick games that I personally like, or I think are going to be popular. I also consider what is popular among children, I pay attention to them and what they prefer playing with. I talk to them, and sometimes they suggest games to me as well. Of course, I have 2 children that are up to date regarding the most popular games.

Which one is the most popular game in your gaming van?

Fortnite has taken the lead by a lot. FIFA 20 and FIFA 21, Minecraft or Rocket League are super popular as well, however, there are some games that are exciting for a while and then nobody wants to play with it anymore. It is like fashion, it has its ups and downs.

If you would like to experience how a gaming van can spice up your birthday party, corporate event or even wedding, head to our booking page and reserve your time slot. Got more questions? Reach out to us, we are glad to answer any of your questions and concerns!



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