Phil Spencer himself announced the price increase for consoles..

Microsoft is losing $100 or even $200 on every console

Many were surprised when Microsoft announced that they would be selling XBox consoles at a higher price after the holidays.

Many people didn't understand the reason for the price increase at the time, but citing an internal report quoting Spencer, CNBC magazine revealed that the Redmond giant was losing $100 to $200 on each console. No details were given, of course, but different amounts are likely to apply to an XBox Series X or an Xbox One.

As CNBC reported, Microsoft subsidizes the cost to the tune of $100 to $200 per console, with the expectation that it will make the money back on sales of accessories and storefront purchases, he said.

The news came at the end of October that, in response to the market and the global economic situation, Microsoft had followed Sony in announcing a hardware price increase. Phil Spencer himself told The Wall Street Journal that, unfortunately, the price rises will inevitably be not only for games and services, but also for consoles.

The price increase was explained by exchange rate fluctuations and rising inflation. Spencer, however, said that prices for Xbox consoles would remain the same for the Christmas season. How much more expensive it will be after that is not yet known.

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