Gaming bus party - what is it like?

Gaming bus party - what is it like?

Your child’s birthday is around the corner and you are thinking about ways to make the day. There are several ways to spice up a birthday party but when restrictions do not allow us to visit different places the task to keep the party at home and still make it unforgettable fun is difficult. But do not worry a second, we have an idea! If your child is into video games, they will adore the idea of a gaming bus party - let us show you what is it like!

The gaming bus party comes to you

Yes, you read it right, you do not have to go anywhere, since the gaming bus party can just park in front of your house. The kids can step outside of the house and enter the gaming world immediately! All you have to do is to invite people to your address which is easier to find than an arcade game centre. The gaming bus party is a rather convenient choice when it comes to parties with gamers.

There are games for everyone on every console

Your child plays on PlayStation but their friends play on Xbox? Do not worry about about it! We offer games for both consoles and 8 big, HD screens to get the best gaming experience. Moreover, they can play a lot of different games during the party. What about challenging each other for a FIFA tournament then finish the party off with some Fortnite or Minecraft? We are sure they would love the idea!

No mess in the house

The gaming bus party provides a safe environment for children (and adults too) to play. First of all, the party can be completely held outside of your house so you do not need to worry about decorations, making the house child-proof and hide all your personal and precious belongings from the guests. When you organise a party, especially for children, you immediately think of the chaos and mess that is waiting for you to clean when they leave. We take that burden off of your shoulders! But that is not the only one. It can be difficult to find the time to go around shops to find snacks and drinks for the guests, that is why we have a wide selection of crisps and drinks that suits the needs of everyone.

No matter whose birthday it is, we have the capacity to make it amazing for everyone. With a range of games for all ages and tastes, we can tailor the party to make it special for the person of honour! There are no concerns about the guests getting bored because there is something for everyone. It is an experience unlike any other that most people won’t have ever done before so you get to provide a unique birthday party that people will be talking about for ages!


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