Gaming bus at weddings - a real game-changer?

Gaming bus at weddings - a real game-changer?

Imagine that a friend or a family member has invited you to their wedding. Firstly you are probably planning your outfit in advance, think of the great feast and the music and all the joys of a wedding. But then, you look at your children and wonder: Will they like it as well? Are they going to be fussy?

Taking your children to a wedding can be often challenging. Most of them do not like such gatherings, it seems to be too boring for them. It is hard for them to enjoy weddings since it is mostly fun for adults. It has become trendy to hire nannies to take care of children during the party or to get a bouncy castle but at a certain age, children do not like such things anymore. So what can you do then?

Our solution is a gaming bus for weddings. Let’s face it, video games are fun and challenging at the same time, they have great visuals, sound effects and they are often extremely exciting. No wonder why children - and adults - like them so much. Do you believe our gaming bus could be an option for a nice wedding? In fact, it could! Let’s see how!

Enjoy the moment

The first reason a gaming bus comes in handy on such complicated occasions is the fact that you can enjoy the big moments of a nice wedding while your child is in a safe environment, supervised by an adult. You don’t have to miss a dance with your partner, tossing the bouquet, or skip dessert just because you have some parenting to do.

Clean clothes

We have often seen children running around playing catch and other games during a wedding. Their boredom might have been gone, but there is a risk that they forget to take care of their pretty clothes, and they fall, sit on the ground, and so on. However, the environment of our gaming bus is clean, and our trained supervisor makes sure it stays clean throughout the whole time.

A unique and fun wedding experience

You may have been to several weddings, but we are sure you have never been to a wedding with a gaming bus! If you are organizing your wedding, make sure you consider booking our gaming bus, and we bet everyone will remember that night. Video games are not only meant for children, so go ahead and challenge your partner for a round in any of our games!



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