Fortnite season - what has changed?

Fortnite season - what has changed?

The most popular game in our gaming bus is still Fortnite. The game has different modes, graphics are getting better and better, and recently Epic Games has just released the new season of the second chapter. It is no wonder we cannot get bored of this exciting game. Luckily there weren’t any big leaks related to the launch of season 6, so there are actually big surprises! Read on to find out what changes have been made to make the game an even better experience!

Craft your own weapons

The weapon base of the game at the beginning was not really satisfactory as you were stuck with the weapons you could find on the battlefield. After an upgrade, we could trade the resources we had in exchange for weapon upgrades. Upgrade benches were soon removed and it has been replaced another one. We could upgrade the weapons in exchange for gold bars. But Fortnite has had its best upgrade yet when it comes to customizing weapons - now we got a proper crafting system. With this, we can finally upgrade weapons using mechanical parts and bones collected during gameplay.

Hunting on Fortnite island

The Fortnite island has now become a primitive place and it makes sense that we can also use primitive tactics and tools to survive. As we mentioned before, weapons now are mostly crafted by the players, cobbled together from various parts. Mechanical parts are acquired by breaking down vehicles. Hunting has also become a part of the game as the other element required for crafting weapons is bones. Players can get them by hunting animals or, when possible, trading gold with select NPCs in exchange for bonuses. This new way of survival is paired with a new tool as well: a new bow in the battle royal game. The bow can also be upgraded to explosives but is distinctly different from the classical Boom Bow.

Collect meat and bones

Meat and bones are two unique items that we can now collect and carry around the game. As we mentioned, bones are acquired from trading and hunting and are useful to upgrade your weapons. But where does meat come in the picture? This new item is also gathered by hunting wildlife on the island, but it has been created for a different purpose. Meat comes in handy to tame wolves. Apart from wolves, Epic Games is teasing us with boars that seem to be destined for a future update.

New POIs

You have probably noticed already that the entire Fortnite battle royal island has undergone a redesign. Except cars, of course, most of the structures are primitive now and there is a giant spire in the middle of the map. Many of the locations remain as they were originally, but we can find three new Points of Interest (POIs): Boney Burbs, Colossal Corps, and The Spire. As with the past few game seasons, these new regions are shaded grey on the battle royale island map; you’ll need to visit each area to reveal it.

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