Players were motion captured while playing, not individually, but full matches with entire teams recorded on the field.

EA bids a fitting farewell to the FIFA name with FIFA23!

Every year there have been FIFA parts, but FIFA23 is the last part from EA to wear the name, because next year we'll be playing with EA Sports FC.

Electronic Arts - EA Sports - recently announced that it will stop producing FIFA from 2023. The reason for the separation is that the FIFA license has expired, for which the association had already been seeking more than $1 billion over a 4-year term - the company announced in May this year.

The farewell was a nice one, although there is no way we won't hear plenty of criticism about it. One of the best innovations in the game is HyperMotion 2, an improved version of HyperMotion, which was introduced last year. Players were motion captured while playing, not individually, but full matches with entire teams recorded on the field. This allows you to watch more than 6,000 animations throughout the game, with more accurate passing, ball passing and dribbling. This makes the movement of those who don't have the ball more natural. In addition to movement, more footballers' faces than ever before have been added to the game. There are still a lot of AI-generated faces, but they look much better than before.

There are also nice enhancements to the environment that make the game even better. The movement on the grass - tackles, slides and goal kicks - all leave their mark. The net also moves nicer when a team scores a goal. The fans move with the ball better, too, and can catch a shot heading towards them. But here, there are a lot of lifeless faces.

But we are given a lot of freedom in certain situations. For example, on point kicks. You can choose where you want to hit the ball, as well as the arc, direction and power of the kick.

There's also a new shooting technique, the Power Shot, which, when the conditions are right, can be used to score spectacular goals that are very difficult to defend. This will only be available in single player, in multiplayer you will still have to rely on traditional shooting techniques. Finally, sliding tackles during matches will be an option again, offering an even better defensive experience.

FIFA has included women's national teams in the game since FIFA 16, but this year FIFA has taken a big step forward by adding HyperMotion 2 technology to the women's games and adding women's club teams to the game, including the English and French women's first division football teams.

The run game mode gives the player considerably more freedom to create the most varied team line-ups possible. You can also include players from completely different leagues and different nationalities in your squad. Apart from the PC and Switch editions, the run markets have been merged, where players can sell their players and equipment.

The other game modes also received minor updates. In career mode, you can take control of your players at key moments in a match to determine the outcome, such as a free kick, a counter attack or a corner kick.

There's also a greater emphasis on Pro Clubs and Volta game modes, which have been merged to some extent: any XP you earn in any game mode will add up and you can progress on a common progression tree.

Across all game modes, you now have the option to complete different challenges during matches for extra rewards. Cross-play has been made even more open than before, with Stadia, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players all free to play with each other. Furthermore, interoperability has been improved not only between platforms but also between game modes. As a bonus for PC gamers, FIFA 23 finally brings next-generation improvements to PC gamers, including improved physics, HyperMotion 2 animations and better graphics.

FIFA 23 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch. You'll find it here soon, so be sure to Book an appointment early



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