16 Reasons You Should Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday with a Gaming Bus

16 Reasons You Should Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday with a Gaming Bus

Every parent wants to be able to provide an exciting and unique experience for their child’s birthday.

The Station Wagon gaming bus is the perfect answer to all your needs and will give everyone, you included, the best possible day. We want to take the stress away from you and make planning the perfect party straightforward and simple. Here are just some of the reasons why hiring a gaming party bus will be an unforgettable experience.

1. No Mess in the House

We all know the dreaded feeling of throwing a birthday party and wondering how we are going to cope with the mess left behind. By hiring a Station Wagon gaming bus, you are able to forget these worries and move the party elsewhere. It means you don’t have to worry about setting up the house and decorating because you get a fully prepared party venue right outside your house! No fears of hiding valuables in case they get broken by all the excited party guests and no worrying about safety proofing your house for children. You can relax immediately, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to clean up the mess afterwards, because we will! We are able to set up anywhere, it doesn’t’t have to be at home. If you don’t have parking outside your house then we can go to a pub or community hall, wherever they have parking. We want to make it as easy for you as possible!

2. Perfect Entertainment for Birthdays

No matter whose birthday it is, we have the capacity to make it amazing for everyone. With a range of games for all ages and tastes, we can tailor the party to make it special for the person of honour! There are no concerns about the guests getting bored because there is something for everyone. It is an experience unlike any other that most people won’t have ever done before so you get to provide a unique birthday party that people will be talking about for ages!

3. Snacks and Drinks Provided

Yet another thing to worry about when organising a party is getting the snacks and drinks in. Who has time in their busy schedules to be wandering the supermarket aisles looking for a variety of food and drink to suit all the different needs of children? We are here to take the burden off your shoulders by bringing drinks and crisps with us.

4. Friendly Service and Staff

ur fully-trained and friendly staff are more than happy to help with making the birthday party as exciting and special as possible. We are gamers and experts at every console and software, so we can help you out. We are passionate about what we do and work hard to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the the allotted time. We bring everything with us and set it up so you don’t have to worry about the technical bits. We always provide a happy and friendly service because we want to make the day amazing for you as well.

5. Wide Range of PlayStation Games Including Fifa20, Minecraft and Fortnite

There is an extensive range of games that you can play in the Station Wagon bus. We also provide an extensive age appropriate games to our guests that each guest can choose from. Not only can each guest choose a game that they want at the beginning of the party but any time during the allotted party time they may change to any other game! They can explore and switch between game screens to get the most out of their Station Wagon gaming party bus experience!

6. Create the Perfect Minecraft/Fortnite Birthday Party

We know how passionate people can be about games like Minecraft and Fortnite. So why not centre the whole party around these games? It will bring your children and their friends together and give them a new and exciting way of experiencing the game. Playing these games, in the exciting environment of the party gaming bus, will make them feel like they are in the game! It is sure to satisfy the most fanatical of gamers.

7. Enjoy a Glass of Wine While the Kids are Having Fun

How many times have you thrown a birthday party for your child where you could kick back, relax and let someone else do the work? Well, that’s what we’re here for! Our friendly staff are here to make the party exhilarating for the kids while you sit with a glass of wine, watching the wonderful day unfold. Most of the time we are too stressed out to watch our children have a good time so why not give it a go? Let them have an amazing day doing what they love, while you watch on happily in the knowledge of the wonderful gift you have given them.

8. Cheaper and Safer than Arcades

Gaming parties, before the amazing invention of the gaming bus, would most likely have to take place in an arcade. As a parent this could be a daunting experience, as taking a group of children into a large space and letting them run off is not a relaxing way to spend a day! It gives you the responsibility of ensuring no one goes missing which, on top of all the other stresses of a party, is no fun for anyone. The self-contained nature of the gaming bus coupled with the help of our lovely staff means you don’t have to worry about anyone going missing. On top of this, it keeps all the children together so they can have a proper bonding experience during the party. It is also cheaper than having to give everyone some money to spend on arcade games.

9. Multiple Screens and Games

Just because all the kids are together in one space doesn’t mean they all have to play the same game. We know how fussy they can be over wanting to do different things and we don’t want any fights breaking out over games! The ability to have multiple games going on, with the multiple screens provided, means that everyone can play what they want. It means that if they get bored of one game, they can go on onto playing another. This will leave even the most hard-to-please kids with a smile on their face.

10. You Don’t Have to Travel

It can often be very stressful ensuring all your party guests find the location of a venue in time for the party to start. With the gaming bus, you can just direct the guests to your house! We bring the party to you by just parking directly in front of your house. This adds to the relaxing nature of the party because you can just step outside your front door and have a fully equipped and exciting party right on your doorstep!

11. We Bring the Party, Games, and Technology

Trying to fill a whole party with fun and exciting games can be a struggle for anyone. We bring the games and technology to you so there is no more planning to be done than simply booking the gaming party bus! We have Sony PS4 Pro consoles, XBox One X, and eight 43-inch HD 4K TV screens. A great part of this is that it doesn't matter what the weather, come rain or shine, this party will still go ahead. No need to worry about what you’ll do in a sudden downpour, we are there!

12. Modern, Engaging Environment

The Station Wagon Gaming Bus is an environment like no other! It is a brand-new way to experience the games your child loves or wants to play. We are sure that we can keep them engaged for however long you want to hire us for! This is the answer to creating a modern and exceptional birthday experience for your child and their friends.

13. Free Invitation Cards to Print

Now for any great party you, of course, need guests! To invite all your child’s lucky friends, we can provide free invitation cards to print. This is just another way we aim to make your child’s birthday party as stress-free for you as possible. We think of everything and make sure it is all sorted before you even have to worry!

14. Great for Socialising

Kids love having their friends around, but it is hard to fit everyone in the living room. There’s also only one screen. In our modern and spacious gaming van, you will be able to create a Fortnite birthday party with everyone facing the same direction and seeing their friends’ screens.

15. Unforgettable Experience for Your Kids and Their Guests

If your kids are fed up with going to the trampoline park or movies, hiring a gaming party bus is a perfect way of surprising them. Kids will appreciate your effort, and you will not even have to transport half a dozen kids. They will be safe, free to choose from a range of party bus games, and make as much noise as they would like to.

16. Because It’ Fun

Of course, if you want to, you can also join in the birthday party games on the bus. It is a lot of fun to play on the latest consoles and games, use the upgraded characters, and get lost in your favorites scene or episode. You can be sure that your kids will be talking about their gaming van experience or their Fortnite birthday party for many years to come.

Of these many reasons to book a Station Wagon party gaming bus, there is a key part to all of them; being stress-free! We want to provide you and your child with the best birthday experience ever all while being as easy for you as possible. We know they’ll love how different this is from anything they’ve ever done before and will be the talk of the classroom for weeks to come! We would love to share in the excitement with you so get in touch to book the perfect birthday party!



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